ICAO Federal Aviation Administration Certified Company ISO 9001:2008

PUZO-1 for ZOM obstruction lights 

Low intensity obstruction lights control box PUZO-1

Specifications 27.12.31-003-28320930-2018



This operation manual is intended for preliminary study by service staff, its use during installation, as well as, its whole subsequent operation period. The staff are allowed to operate this equipment, who have the appropriate qualification, have studied operation principles and this manual.


The obstruction lights control box is intended for automatic switching on/off of the light obstruction complex of a high object depending on outdoor daylight conditions, as well as, for the obstruction lights forcible switching on (independent of a light-sensitive relay command). It is installed directly on high objects. PUZO-1 was specifically designed to control the obstruction lights: ZOM and SDZO Specifications 27.40.39-004-28320930-2018 independent of a light source, and is intended for the operation in harsh climatic conditions. The obstruction lights control box is manufactured in the special electric ABS-plastic box with high electric and mechanical operation specifications.

Technical specifications:

   ABS-plastic body;

   Dimensions (A*B*C), mm 201*128*120;

   Weight: no more 2kg;

   Protection class:  IP65, GOST 14254-96 (All-Union State Standard);

   Rated power voltage: single-phase 220V, 50Hz;

   Output power voltage: single-phase 220V, 50Hz;

   Incoming circuit number: 1;

   Outgoing circuit number: 1;

   Lights electronic switching system in the twilight with 5-10000lux brightness range with outdoor light

   sensor in IP65 climatic embodiment.


Operation conditions:

The obstruction lights control box PUZO-1 is intended for the outdoor installation and operation directly on high constructions at ambient temperature from  -50 to +50 º, relative humidity up to 80% at 25º, at the height no more that 2000m above sea level, without aggressive atmospheric mixtures causing corrosion.

The climatic PUZO-1embodiment according to GOST 15150-69UHL 2.1 (All-Union State Standard). The operation with mechanical environmental impact factors according to M1 GOST 17516.1-90 (All-Union State Standard).

Safety measures:

The personnel is allowed to mount and operate the obstruction lights control box PUZO-1, who completed training courses, have a permit in accordance with Regulations for Operation of Consumer Electrical Installations and Safety Rules for Operation of Customers' Electrical Installations  and whose safety qualification group is not lower III. 

The measures to protect the service personnel against electric current shock:

By its protection method against electric current shock PUZO-1 complies with a., a. GOST 22789-94 (All-Union State Standard).

By its protection method against indirect touch of current-conducting parts the device complies with the requirements of a. GOST 22789-94 (All-Union State Standard) (insulation cross-section of the copper conductor must be no less than 4 mm2).  

Operation preparation and installation order:

Before the device installation it is required to define the exact location for cables laying, as well as, the location for the obstruction lights installation according to the design documentation.

The procedure of cable laying and obstruction lights installation must be carried out in the following climatic conditions:

   Humidity: no more 80%;

   Ambient temperature: no lower 5º.

The obstruction lights are mounted on a base stand with outer G ¾ thread.

The obstruction light base is screwed on a base stand then fixed by a locking crew. The radius of cable lines bend must not be less than 5 cable diameters.

The cable lines connection to the LED obstruction lights is made according to the electric circuit diagram. The connection order of power and control cables to the LED module is shown in figure 1.


The outputs 1 and 2 of the terminal unit, shown on the module board Power, are intended to connect power cables. The polarity is not mandatory.

The outputs 3 and 4 of the terminal unit, shown on the module board Contr, are intended to connect the monitoring status control cable, which is unavailable in this equipment configuration.

The connection for the obstruction light with an incandescent lamp is made in accordance with a holder type.

The obstruction light is connected with a 2*1,5mm2 cable. Two conductors of a cable are connected to 1 and 2 contacts of the terminal unit (power). From the back side, a cable is connected to the terminal units of the switch box (hereinafter, BOX). Afterwards, BOX is connected with a 2*2,5 mm2 cable (recommended armoured cable) to 3 and 4 terminal contacts (Line 1) on PUZO-1 dashboard.

The photo sensor is connected to 1 and 2 contacts with a 2*0,75mm2 cable.

Next, the obstruction lights station is mounted on its location. Afterwards, all outer cables are connected to the terminal unit of the appropriate input PUZO-1 contacts, located left of the automatic unit.

Device and its performance:

The obstruction lights control box PUZO-1 consists of:

   Automatic system power switch (2A);

   Electronic lights switching system with 5-10000 lux brightness range and outdoor light sensor;

   Automatic switch for force obstruction lights and protection short-circuit systems switching-on (2A).


220V power voltage is connected to N and L terminal unit located to the left of the automatic unit. The outdoor light sensor sends a command to switch on the obstruction lights power, if daylight brightness changes. The relay sensitivity is controlled in 5-10000lux range, besides, 30-second relay operation delay is designed to prevent accidental short switching-off. 

The switch Power is available on the obstruction lights front dashboard, which switches on or off incoming device power voltage, as well as, the switch Line-1, which can be used for forced obstruction lights switching-on (independent of a light-sensitive relay command).


The visual inspection and checkup of all cable connections reliability, as well as, contacts revision must be made no less than once a month. If it is required, the electric circuit fixtures must be tightened.

Storage and transportation:

PUZO-1 storage warranty is no more than 24 months since its manufacture date.

The obstruction lights control box PUZO-1 must be stored in the factory packaging, in an unheated warehouse at 0 -+40 º ambient temperature and 98% relative humidity at +35º . The warehouses must not have any aggressive mixtures causing corrosion.

The obstruction lights control station PUZO-1transportation must be done in the factory packaging by railway or automobile transport (covered wagons, trucks, containers) at -50 - +50º ambient temperature and 98% humidity (upper level) at +25º in accordance with load transportation regulation which is currently effective for each type of transport.

Manufacturer warranty:


The company guarantees 2-year non-failure device operation, if all operation, transportation and storage rules are observed since its operation.


Data about claims:

The claims are made to the supplier in case any defects and malfunctions can be found, which lead to the device breakdown before the warranty period expires.

You should state in the claim report: the factory device number, defects and malfunctions, conditions under which they were found, the operation time of the device. The copy of the payment document for the device must be attached to the report. 

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