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Aviation obstruction lights. Designing, manufacturing, sale

Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear customers!

You are on the main page of Private Enterprise Liberty International web-site. Our company is the market leader, that specializes in designing and manufacturing the aviation low and medium intensity obstructions lights of omnidirectional view, as well as the control and monitoring systems of high objects light obstruction.

Obstruction lights are best solution for:

  • Tall buildings;
  • Telecommunication towers;
  • Water towers;
  • Chimney stacks;
  • Power transmission line pylons;
  • Cooling towers;
  • Cranes;
  • Wind energy turbines;
  • Bridge pylons.

For our customers convenience and everyone who is interested in our company’s products, we are expanding the communication opportunities to interact with us. Now on our Youtube channel everyone is welcome to find out more about the innovations in the field of aviation obstruction lights production, as well as get complete technical information. 

Since the foundation in 2006 and till now we have the impeccable reputation and offer high quality solutions. Our team is highly qualified specialists with deep knowledge of national and international standards, regulation and recommendations: FAA (Federal Aviation Administarion) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

We offer the technical solutions of different complexity, excellent interaction with customers, a wide range of products and affordable prices. We help to define the factors of uncertainty, explain technical and regulatory requirements.

Liberty International is an enterprise with an established complex quality control system, according to international standarts, such as ISO 9001.

All of our obstruction lights have an international certificate of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine and meet the requirments of Federal Aviation Administration of Russia Federation, that prove compliance with ICAO standarts and regulations.

Our products have been developed with account for the case studies of the best national experts in the field of lighting engineering, construction and power engineering. Our research was inspired by the works of such authors as Basov Yuriy Georgiyevich. Light signal devices. Transport, Moscow, 1993; Folb Rachel Lvovna. Basics of visual flashing signal systems. Mashinostroyeniye (Machine Engineering), Moscow, 1964; Vavilov Sergey Ivanovich. Eye and sun. Nauka (Science), Moscow, 1982; Luizov Andrey Vladimirovich. Colour and light. Energoatomizdat (Energoatom Publ), Leningrad, 1989; Meshkov Vladimir Vasilyevich. Basics of lighting engineering. GEI (State Power Publishing House), 1961; Batusov Sergey Vasilyevich. Light signal units. Energiya (Energy), Moscow, 1979; Gertner Hans. Transparency of hazy atmosphere, edited by Konovalov B.M. Gidrometeoizgat (Hydrometeorology Publ), Moscow, 1949 and many other outstanding scientists and researchers.

As the experimental data of different authors quite often differs from each other, we have tried to classify the research results and make them feasible. We have been pursuing the aim to provide a customer with the most effective solutions in terms of the innovative and reliable equipment which meets all expectations and demand.

Now we have built up a great amount of experimental research data which is related to visual detection and continuous and impulse light signal perception. We have studied the design and manufacturing issues of light signal devices, aviation ZOM, ZOS, SDZO-05 signal lighting units and their systems.

The quality control at all production and supply stages enables complaint-free cooperation.

We greatly appreciate long-term partnership relationship with the trade companies from all regions and counties. Our company carries out customs clearance of all orders. Our products are certified according to the regulation of the Customs Union.

Our products are quite known to a great number of customers whole the world. The quality of our equipment has been duly appreciated by such renowned companies like MegaFon, MTS, Beeline, Gazprom, Rosneft, Kievstar (Ukraine), Astelit (Ukraine) and their contractors, the national construction companies and airports. Hundreds of different companies from all Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Republic of Moldova), Brazil, Middle East and Near East Counties, Latin American and African countries have granted their trust to our products.

We would greatly appreciate, if you recommend us to your partners, join us on Youtube and click Like.

International standards and regulations.

International Civil Aviation, Annex ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) is the specialized agency of the United Nations, the international body responsible for drawing up recommendations for the safety of air transport. The Convention on International Civil Aviation, Annex 14 Volume I "Aerodrome Design and Operations" includes Chapter 6 "visual aids for denoting obstacles" which gives guidance concerning the need to provide safety marking on structures that may be considered to be a hazard to air traffic.
Download "Annex 14 Volume I" (1911.69 KB)

AC 70/7460-1K FAA is the authority in the United States of America responsible for the regulations of aviation light systems. The document AC 70/7460-1K "obstruction marking and lighting" gives guidance concerning the need to provide safety marking on structures that may be considered to be a hazard to air traffic.
Download "AC 70/7460-1K" (2683.65 KB)

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