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Aviation Low Intensity Obstruction Lights ZOM-60W. ICAO type A.

Aviation Low-intensity obstruction lights

 ZOM-60W >10cd, ICAO type A

220V AC, IP 65 50Hz, E27

The low intensity obstruction light ZOM-60W is an aviation light-signal device which combines excellent optico-physical values, confirmed by 10-year obstruction light body warranty and affordable price!

The device has been recognized as the reliable solution with excellent performance specifications. This model was launched on the market in 2010 and there have not been any claims since then.

The advantage of this model is a modern, light, reliable body, relatively of small sizes and affordable price. The obstruction lights ZOM-60W filter is equipped with the outer Fresnel lens. Quality control at all production and supply stages enables to prevent any claims.

Function objective:

The obstruction lights ZOM-75W >10cd are produced according to 27.40.39-004-28320930-2018 specifications. The lights are intended for high objects (obstructions) light marking, which pose dangers for air transport (high buildings and constructions, stacks, relay mobile communication masts, tower cranes, bridge pylons, any buildings in the vicinity of airfields).

 The lights are light-signal devices of red steady, fully comply with ICAO classification, which is required for the low intensity obstruction lights, type A, mounted on stationary objects.

Key features:

   Easy to install, several mounting sets available;

   No RF-radiations;

   Ten (10) years warranty;





   Simplicity of design;

   Low price.


Main standards and requirements compliance:

  Order of Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsiya order, 262, dated of August 25, 2015;

  State Aviation Administration of Ukraine;

  ICAO Annex 14, 4th Edition, July 2004;

  ICAO low intensity type A;

  TR CU 004/2001 (Technical Regulation of Customs Union);

  TR CU 020/2011 (Technical Regulation of Customs Union);

  GOST R MEK 60598-1-2011 (All-Union State Standard);

  GOST 30804.3.2-2013 (All-Union State Standard);

  GOST IEC 61547-2013 (All-Union State Standard);

  STB IN 55015-2006 (Standards of Belarus).




   Climatic class: UHL1, GOST 15150 (All-Union State Standard);

   Operation conditions, GOST 17516.1 (All-Union State Standard);

   Protection class:  IP65, GOST 14254 (All-Union State Standard);

   The obstruction lights ZOM-75W are resistant to frost, rain, salt spray, dust, vibration strain, solar

   radiation, heat waves;

   Power voltage: 220V, 50/60 Hz;

   Power consumption: 60W;

   The light filter: transparent, red of shockproof optical polycarbonate with UV-stabilizer DOW


   Body material: shockproof polycarbonate with UV-stabilizer Bayer Makrolon (Germany);

   Weight: no more 0,5 kg.

Optical specifications:


    The light source - 60W incandescent lamp;

    Average lamp life cycle: 1000 hours;

    Operation mode: continuous;

    Emission: circular, red color;

    Light dispersion angle: rated 16 º, actual 34 º;

    Directed light intensity +6: 34cd;

    Directed light intensity +10: 16cd;

    Directed light intensity -6: 43cd.

Complete set:


1. The obstruction light ZOM (light equipment body without a lamp)         1 item

2. Individual packing container                                                              1 item

3. Manual                                                                                            1 item

Main mounting and operation requirements:

The obstruction lights are mounted by a holder (a base stand) with outer G ¾ thread. The mounting base stands are installed on top of high objects (roofs, etc.), subject to light obstruction.

40-60W incandescent lamps with E27 base are a light source in the obstructions lights ZOM-60W. Besides, LED lamps for the obstruction lights with E27 base can be used of the other manufacturers. So as to connect power cables, you should unscrew the top part of the obstruction light (the light filter) from its base and then get them connected. While assembling the obstruction light, make sure that the rubber seal is tightly seated. You should brush the light filter with clean cotton, soft flannel or suede leather without using any solvent or grinding materials, if it gets dirty. Finally, you should clean it with spirits-soaked cotton. 


Mounting options:



The obstruction lights packaging according to GOST 23216 (All-Union State Standard) for storage conditions 2 (s) GOST 15150 (All-Union State Standard). The lights ZOM-60W are packed in a shipping container, which secures safety and protection from any mechanical damage and atmospheric precipitation.

Labor safety rules:

To provide safety operating the obstruction light, it is prohibited: 

   To replace a lamp for the light source with lower light intensity value;

   To carry out any operations with the obstruction lights with power on;

   To assemble or operate the obstruction light with damaged insulation;

   To assemble and operate the obstruction lights, it is required to follow PUE (Electrical Equipment


Data about claims: 

The claims are made to the supplier in case any defects and malfunctions can be found which lead to the obstruction lights breakdown before the warranty period expires.

You should state in the claim report:

The obstruction light type, defects and malfunctions, conditions under which they were found, the operation time of the device. The copy of the payment document for the device must be attached to the report. 

Manufacturer warranty:

The company guarantees 2-year non-failure device operation, if all operation rules are observed.


Payment and Delivery:


We perform shipping to any region on Incoterms-2010 conditions.

Terms and delivery conditions are discussed individually.

Settlements are made by means of a bank transfer with an advanced contract on delivery.

For purchase, please contactsales.aerosignal@gmail.com

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